The One Thing You Didn’t Realize Could Cost You the Job

My interviews this week all seemed to have a common theme.  Despite bringing in candidates that looked great on paper, told us about their experience and for the most part seemed like they could do the job, they all lacked one thing – enthusiasm!   Enthusiasm can often be synonymous with eagerness, passion, fervor, gusto and zest – these are all things you need to display to get a job!  To help, keep these things in mind during your next interview:

Enthusiasm is so important that it can win out over experience

Enthusiasm may not seem as important as things like knowledge and experience, however enthusiasm is often what sways a hiring panel when two candidates are neck and neck with experience.  Even if one has more experience, the candidate that shows greater interest and passion for the job is more likely to win the competition.

Don’t let nerves overshadow interest

It’s ok to be nervous. In fact, nerves themselves can often show that a candidate is interested in the job and taking the interview process seriously.  However, don’t be so nervous that you clam up and forget to show any enthusiasm in working for the company.

There are 3 main ways candidates demonstrate enthusiasm

1.       Showing company knowledge

2.       Maintaining a positive demeanor

3.       Asking thoughtful and insightful questions

Do your research upfront and find ways to show that knowledge through your answers to the interview questions.  Stay positive by smiling, making eye contact and steering clear of even one negative word about your current or past employers.  Lastly, not having any questions at all for the employer is a huge red flag that reads: not interested! Similarly, asking questions about the company that you could easily have found before the interview also demonstrates a lack of interest.

Tell the employer why you want the job

You will most likely be asked in the interview why the position is of interest to you.  Do not under any circumstances give any of these reasons: work location, schedule, salary, benefits, or pension.  In fact, don’t bring these up at any point in the interview.  An employer wants to hear a much more thoughtful answer about what interests you in the role and the company.

A thank you note is a must to show enthusiasm

Follow up with a well written thank you note within a maximum of 24 hours after the interview. Include the key points you talked about in the interview and reiterate your interest and fit for the position.

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